Community Project

The project “Applying probiotics of heat-resistant spores for agriculture” (4/2014 – 8/2015)

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With the Community interests successful businessesa guideline, BioSpring is proud to be the reliable companion of farmers during their product utilization. As one of Vietnam leading companies specializing in researching and manufacturing heat-resistant spore probiotics, BioSpring shall clearly understand the best how preeminent probiotics are and always desires to widely apply probiotics in husbandry industry for the highest efficiency for famers.

In order to do this, BioSpring has cooperated with Department for International Development of UK (DFID) and Vietnam Business Challenge Fund (VBCF) to implement the project on applying heat-resistant spore probiotics in agricultural production.

This practical and meaningful project has won other 400 projects, enabling BioSpring to become one of 20 greatest businesses in Vietnam sponsored by VBCF. This is a key milestone and motive force of the remarkable development of BioSpring in 2014.

Meanings of this Project:

+ 15,000 households are trained in heat-resistant spore probiotics application in husbandary.

+ More than 6.000 kg of probiotics are freely distributed to households for trial.

+ Increase in farmers income by VND200,000 – 300,000/pig

+ Improvement in the habitat, human health because probiotics of BioSpring helps remove bad smells of husbandry houses from the beginning days of application.