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Production of exclusive probiotics strains in Vietnam

* BioSpring’s products are probiotics in live heat-resistant spores of Bacillus strains

* Probiotics are made from new-generation heat-resistant spores which are selected and separated in microbiological laboratory of Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom

* Probiotics strains of BioSpring have been researched for their safety, stability and effects in digestive system of livestock by some specialized scientific works.


Royal Holloway University, United Kingdom is the leading university in biotechnology in the world.


  • Biotechnology research institute of Royal Holloway University, United Kingdom
  • SporeGen was established in 2011 by the leading expert in microbiology – Professor Simon Cutting.
  • SporeGen has made a breakthrough in heat-resistant spore formation technology with high efficiency (~ 100% of spores) which leads to a new-generation probiotic products.

In 2012, SporeGen cooperated with BioSpring and transferred its technology and copyright of Bacillus research and production to BioSpring for probiotic products development and distribution in Vietnam.

Food Generation Systems:

  • Veracus FG Systems are two leading companies in nutrition product research and development in Germany.
  • BioSpring products are optimized for each livestock species and designed by the leading German nutrition experts.

Protected and exclusive original strains

  • Original probiotics strain are selected by the leading scientists in the world and identified by gene technology.
  • Research results are published on NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), U.S.

Breakthrough spore technology

  • Apply breakthrough production technology, 100% made from plant materials.
  • Spore-forming fermentation technology with high efficiency, 100% of spores
  • Easy to enter into digestive system of host and resistant to low pH level of stomach.
  • Resistant to high temperature up to 95oC for 30 minutes.

Industrial production establishment and process meeting international standards

  • High-end and enclosed production line, meeting GMP standard
  • Inspection team is trained by leading experts in microbiology from United Kingdom (Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom)

Stable and outstanding product quality

  • Fermentation, spore formation, single strain and finished product mixture for earliest delivery to customers, avoid long-term inventory or product quality deterioration during transport