BioSpring extends cooperation with US agricultural leaders


BioSpring on July 8, 2016 convened a meeting with a group of agricultural leaders from Missouri Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow or ALOT at the formera��s headquarter in Hanoi.

The group of 25 high-profile individuals from various fields of research, animal nutrition, veterinary medicine and plantation who have a passion to promote agriculture of the U.S and beyond.A� They attended a round-table meeting with BioSpringa��s management board chaired by Chief Executive Huynh Minh Viet. BioSpringa��s CEO presented with the visitors about current situation of Vietnama��s animal feed industry in the context of antibiotic reduction and efficient alternatives, of which heat-resistant probiotics spore is considered a significant solution. Many members of the group in return shared about the U.S agricultural and husbandry trends.

In addition to speaking highly of BioSpringa��s dynamic growth and remarkable achievements, Bob Perry a�� Co-Founder and General Director of Perry Agricultural Laboratory Inc thought that probiotics would play a key role in growing Vietnama��s livestock in the future.

Howard Thomas a�� President of ALOT Foundation believed the visit to BioSpring offered the group new insights into the husbandry sector of such a tropical country thus expanding new areas of research and cooperation.

A�The visit was wrapped up with a tour around the companya��s probiotics laboratory and production site.

Established since 1983, ALOT is a two-year leadership training program for rural leaders and agricultural producers who thrive to make a global impact in agriculture and agribusiness.