CA?c cA?ng trA�nh khoa ha�?c

1. Bacillus sutilisA�A�vA� Bacillus indicus A�?�a�?c khuyA?n dA?ng a�Y Anh vA� EU

a�? List of UK health claims 03

a�? EFSA report HU58

2.A�QuA? trA�nh phA?n la?�p, A�a?�c tA�nh ca��aA�Bacillus

a�? Characterization of Bacillus Species Used for Oral Bacteriotherapy and Bacterioprophylaxis

a�? Bacillus subtilisisolated from the human gastrointestinal tract

a�? The natural habitat of Bacillus spore-formers

3. Bacillus cycle

a�? The Intestinal Life Cycle of Bacillus subtilis and Close Relatives

a�? Bacillus Probiotics Spore Germination in the Gastrointestinal Tract

4. TA�nh an toA�n A�a�? sa�� da�?ng lA�m probiotics A�ca��a Bacillus

a�? The use of bacterial spore formers as probiotics (Sa�� da�?ng bA�o ta�� lA�m probiotics)

a�? Bacillus-coagulans-probiotic-choice-march-april-2012

a�? Coagulans for probiotic (Sa�� da�?ng Coagulans cho probiotics)

a�? Licheniformis function (TA?c da�?ng ca��a Licheniformis)

a�? Licheniformis Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Licheniformis sa�� da�?ng trong d?�a�?c)

a�? The safety of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus indicus as food probiotics (TA�nh an toA�n ca��a cha��ng)

a�? The use of Bacillus as probiotics

5. Kha?? nA?ng tA?ng c?�a�?ng mia��n da��ch

a�? Immunostimulatory activity of Bacillus spores (tac dung tang cuong mien dich cua bao tu)

a�? Effect of Bacillus subtilis spore administration on activation of macrophages and natural killer cells in mice

a�? Efficacy of Bacillus clausii spores in the prevention of recurrent respiratory infections in children-a pilot study

6. Kha?? nA?ng sinh carotenoid ca��a Bacillus indicus Hu36

a�? COLORSPORE – Executive Summary

7. Ta��ng quan tA?c da�?ng ca��a Bacillus trong via��c dA?ng lA�m probiotics

a�? Review Bacillus probiotics – Cutting

a�? Bacillus Probiotics – General Review

a�? Bacillusprobiotics – Mechanism of action and use